A downloadable platformer for Windows

The Jack-O-Lantern Quest is a little game made in the context of an autumn game contest.

Jack-O-Lantern's Quest is a platformer game prototype made with rpg maker 2003

Your mission : Help Jack find his candy crop.

The game is divided into 2 runs :

Part one : 

We play Jack's head, he only moves when he jumps. The controls are simple, the player only uses the right and left directions, or up to jump in place. You can use the enemies as moving platforms.

Part two :

When you recover Jack's body, many more features become availables.

- Jack can double jump and climb walls (Spacebar key)

- He can strike with his sword (X key)

- He can also use a Dash (Up Key)

- He can use a "Pogostick" attack (Down key in mid air)

Crédits : 

- Game design, pixel art et programming  : Jérôme POMONTI (Qb!k)

- Music :  SketchyLogic

For non-commercial use only, thanks you for playing !

Last Update : April 21, 2021

Install instructions

1. Download the archive to your computer

2. Extract the archive with compression / decompression software (Z-zip, winzip, winrar).

3.  Start the game by clicking on the executable "Game.exe".

Full screen / Window mode: Alt + Enter

Change resolution: F5

Exit the game: Alt + F4


The Jack-O-Lantern Quest_v1.1.zip 27 MB


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This is amazing!
you made me rethink my ability to create my game in the rpg maker, because I was very frustrated with the bugs that I was not able to fix, but after playing this game of yours, my head exploded with so much admiration.


Thankyou very much for your comment. Nevertheless, and despite the latest update, this game is far from being free from flaws. The game I'm currently working on will be the culmination of what I'm able to do on RM2K3. The gameplay, the level design will be much better than for this game. A little more patience, the 1st public demo is coming

hello friend, oops, i follow your official project already.
We had already exchanged a few words about it.
I really admire your work and your domain over rm2k3

Deleted 138 days ago

Ton jeu me rapelle furieusement cauldron 2 ! bravo c'est exellent . J'aurai juste choisit un son un peu moins agressif pour le saut, mais c'est vraiment pour chipotter.

Merci.Je ne connaissait pas Cauldron2, à la base je me suis inspiré d'un projet de Joke (BilouMaster). Jai réalisé le jeu en une semaine pour un petit concours automnal, jai donc pas trop eu le temps de tergiverser pour le choix des sons ^^

Nice game!

Thank you for playing ! you did it. It was not so simple. Well done !