A downloadable game for Windows

Trinity Blade is an action adventure platformer game with elements of metroidvania.

It is a project made with rpg maker 2003 and started in 2020.

The downloadable demo is a very early prototype of the game.

You play Kaizen, a character who awakens in a mysterious laboratory.


Left,right arrow keys: move around

Up arrow key: interact with objects / characters

Space : jump

X: attack

Shift: menu / Pause game

Alt+F4 : exit game


Trinity_Blade - Demo.zip 15 MB


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First Impression. Follow and subscribe if you like the channel. Inbox and subscribe if you want your game played :D?

Ty very much for the "let's play" . It was very interesting.

finally we can play it! thanks and hope you sucessuly launch this game ;)

Thank you very much, but this is really an early demo with many flaws to correct...

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I recorded a gameplay, and it airs today on my channel, in the description there is a link to this page, in addition to some information I got here, I hope to help with the divulgation ;)


Ty very much. You play really well it's impressive and at the same time it comforts me in terms of gameplay. I'm sorry the boss is missing for now... But I will work harder to make this game the best experience it can be. Ty again for ur time.


I'm happy that this exists






Woah! an RPG2K3 game and its a platformer to boot? awesome, Ill def wait for its development.